My tenure at Hudson Bay Company where I was SVP Chief Creative Officer responsible for the creative direction of two stores, Lord & Taylor in the US and

Hudson's Bay in Canada was unexpectedly brief but I was able to spark some great work and met tremendously talented art directors, writers and producers.

The featured work for Hudson's Bay is one of the best projects I've ever been a part of.


The idea was to celebrate not only the extraordinary work of some of the world's most influential designers but also to champion the talent of Canada. We chose 20 photographers and 4 artists--all Canadian and one "muse"--the model Meghan Collison--also Canadian. Four sittings were arranged for each of the five days we would shoot--giving each photographer only two hours with Meghan. An insane van with model, hair & make-up, video crew, stylist, producer and art director careened from location to location throughout and about Toronto. The illustrators also had limited time. It was a race of sorts and it became a 13" x 19" book titled,

"24 designers. 48 eyes." Replete with a ten minute documentary that chronicles moments of "OMG--now what?", delightful discovery and the unmatched

rush that comes from working with inspired creative.

Russ Hardin© 2020