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VOGUE changed my life. I was fresh out of Wisconsin arriving in New York to interview with several magazines. I had no experience
and only a portfolio of my serigraphs and drawings to show for myself. As was the custom then, if you interviewed and someone saw

something in you they would, if there were no openings refer you to someone else. My interview at Gentleman's Quarterly had gone

well but--nothing available. So, a wonderful gentleman named Doug Furer called someone at Vogue and arranged for me to meet with them.

That's how it started for me.
And such a world opened before me that I still wonder what I would have done if that phone call had not been made. Photographers I had
only read about. Models come to life from the pages of the magazine. Mrs. Mirabella. Mr. Liberman. The Editors. The style. The drama.
It was a crash course in a world that invented "Fabulous!"

I had landed on Mars--but somehow could speak the language.

The first Joan & David ad I created at Vogue with architectural photographer Bo Parker.

Russ Hardin© 2020

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